About Cindy

Cindy Sibilsky is an artist at heart whose rich background permeates her work in many artistic disciplines.

Cindy’s passion is sculpture in polymer clay, with which she started working at the age of 4.

creates old world and new age deities, modern myths and icons that embody the spirit in all its manifestations. Since working for the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art, Cindy has shifted her focus to art that taps into the universal spirit, and to the importance of images that tell stories of modern myths and the human condition.

Though Cindy Sibilsky uses various mediums, her passion is sculpture in polymer clay, with which she started working at the age of 4. Upon moving to NYC, with tiny floor or shelf space, she started putting her work on the wall: merging sculpture with painting to create 3-dimensional wall hang-able art that combines both worlds.

Graduated with Honors, studied Theatrical and Performing Arts at American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and The School for Film and Television. Studies various forms of dance with numerous teachers, including Sarah J. Locke and Jeniviva, and currently performs with dance troupes Chovexani and Mystical Hips. Studied many mediums and techniques of Art at the Art Students League and the New York Studio School under several different instructors, including Sylvie G. Covey, Michael Pelleteiri, and Ron Milewicz.
Cindy Sibilsky’s work has attracted commissions from up and coming local singer/songwriters, like Jeff Fiorello, Brent Grunow, LP Funk and “Kiss,” as from diverse patrons of the arts.


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